Cloud Patches: CloudFront Reporting Upgrades, AWS Tag Editor

Cloud Patches: CloudFront Reporting Upgrades, AWS Tag Editor

Apparently, Christmas and the New Year doesn’t stop cloud service upgrades entirely.

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  • AWS has added four new reports to its CloudFront content delivery service. You can now analyse users based on browser, operating system and geographic location, and the referring URL which linked them to your site.
  • Zocalo, Amazon’s file-sharing service, has also scored an upgrade, adding enhanced syncing services which allow you to share projects amongst multiple users. Shades of Dropbox (which also runs on AWS, by the way).
  • Elsewhere, AWS has added a tag editor to make applying tags across multiple resources and regions easier.
  • The AWS Mobile Console now has support for Elastic Beanstalk. Read more here.
  • Azure Active Directory has added support for group claims and application roles.

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