Cloud Patches: CloudFront HTTPS Redirection, Azure Directory Extensions

Cloud Patches: CloudFront HTTPS Redirection, Azure Directory Extensions

Last week in cloud computing: AWS added new options to CloudFront and improved its VM support for Windows Server 2012, while Azure got busy on the directory services front.

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  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) has enhanced its CloudFront content delivery service, adding an option to automatically reroute HTTP requests to a more secure HTTPS service and incorporating new options for custom SSL certificates. More details on the new options at the AWS blog
  • AWS’ Activate start-up encouragement scheme has expanded its range of offers, including more free services from Amazon partners and the ability to book free consultations with an AWS solutions architect. More details here.
  • AWS’ virtual machine import/export facility now supports Windows Server 2012, which is handy (and overdue). More information here.
  • Azure developers can test out a preview release of the new Directory Extensions for Azure AD feature, which lets you extend the existing directory schema. Full details on how to test out the new option here.
  • Also launched into preview last week: the latest version of the Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL). New features in this release include support for .NET and Windows Store libraries in a single package.
  • Finally, a reminder why your work finance team hates cloud computing. We would add: if they think this, they are wrong.

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