Cloud Patches: AWS Cuts Data Transfer Prices, Azure AD Improves Privacy

Last week in cloud computing: AWS cut prices on data transfer, Azure Active Directory tweaks how it stores mobile phone numbers for two-factor authentication, and more.

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  • Amazon has reduced its data transfer prices for shifting data from its services to other internet locations, as well as making inbound transfers to its CloudFront edge servers free of charge. As always seems to be the case with AWS, while the Australian region gets the price reductions, they're not always as pronounced as elsewhere.
  • Pricing for EC2 Reserved Instances on AWS is being simplified. There's now just one reserved instance type with three payment options: a single upfront payment, a partial upfront payment, or a pay-as-you-go option. The pure pay-as-you-go option is only available for one year, the other two can be purchased as one-year or three-year blocks.
  • AWS has updated its Kinesis streaming data processing service with a new API to send multiple records in a single put request. Read more here.
  • A privacy update for Azure Active Directory now means that the phone number submitted for multi-factor authentication is only visible to its owner and directory administrators. That's handy for users who don't want their mobile displayed in the general corporate directory.
  • Azure Media Indexer has updated to version, adding an improved recognition score and fixing some Unicode-related issues.
  • The Azure Websites Diagnostics-As-A-Service plugin has added new PHP tracking options. Read more here.

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