Another Reminder That Selling Apps Will Not Make You Money

In our discussion of how Apple makes money from developers, we pointed out that revenues from in-app purchases are much more important than the money that comes from selling the apps themselves. Here's further proof on that point, this time from a Windows Phone perspective.

Picture: Getty Images/Justin Sullivan

According to Microsoft's Windows Phone developer blog, in November 53 per cent of revenue for developers came from advertising, 35 per cent from in-app purchases, and 11 per cent from up-front purchasing of apps. Individual sums paid to developers will be higher for in-app purchases than for advertising.

Windows Phone is a minnow compared to Android and iOS, but the lesson appears clear across every platform: people want their apps to be free, but will then give you money for added extras or put up with ads. If you're building a new app, that seems the only sensible path to take.


    As a Windows Phone user I find that I'm generally not looking for a free alternative I'm just looking for an alternative to a big name iOS exclusive app. When I find something in my searches I tend to have less confidence in it since it hasn't been recommended to me. I don't have much faith in general app quality so without those recommendations I'm reluctant to put down money.
    So at least in my case it's not about a willingness to pay for apps it's about a lack of faith in the Windows Phone marketplace and a lack of availability of known quality apps.

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