Tomi Offers Unlimited Broadband And Pay-As-You-Go

We're not keen on having to sign long-term contracts for broadband or phone plans. New broadband reseller Tomi offers a pay-as-you-go approach, an unlimited deal, and the option of pausing your account.

Tomi offers two plans. For $20 a week, you get unlimited broadband, plus a phone connection which charges 19.8 cents for local calls, 22 cents a minute to Australian landlines and 15.4 cents a minute to mobiles.

If you don't think you'll need unlimited broadband, you can pay $10.95 a week for 1GB of data. Once you've used that, you'll pay for additional data blocks. If you use between 1GB and 5GB, you'll pay an extra $3.05 for the week. If you use between 5GB and 10GB, you'll pay $6.05. Between 10GB and 20GB, you pay $8.05; between 20GB and 40GB, you pay $9.05. (The calling rates are the same.)

On both plans, you can "pause" payments if you're going to be away. Also note: If you want the no-contract option, you have to pay a $195 connection fee.

Tomi isn't the first provider in Australia to take this approach; AusBBS has had the PAYG option for several years.

$80 a month for unlimited isn't bad, but bear in mind you'll pay for calls as well. The unlimited cable plan Optus announced yesterday was $90 a month, but that included calls. If you expect to use more than 160GB in a month, the $20 a week deal makes more sense.


    "$195 connection fee"

    What a rip, so basically you're paying a $20/month premium for your unlimited plan over the competition for the convenience of not being on a contract and yet the connection fee is equivalent to what the connection fee plus cancellation fee would be with other providers.

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