Yatango Is A 4G Prepaid Plan With Some Cheap Options

Yatango Is A 4G Prepaid Plan With Some Cheap Options

Choosing a prepaid plan from an MVNO usually involves some kind of sacrifice: either your data is minimal, your network is 3G only or your calls are overpriced. Yatango sells plans using the Optus 4G and 3G networks, but how does it compare to its rivals?

Yatango offers a range of plans, including data-only, unlimited, pay as you go and “build your own” options. Here are the main ones on offer and our thoughts:

  • The top data-only plan costs $69 a month for 10GB a month (cheaper options are available). If you want a data-only option for use on a tablet, or because you have no decent broadband at home, this is one of the cheaper options. (Optus offers 15GB of data in a month on its Prepaid Daily Plus plan, but is limited to no more than 500MB of data a day.) Paying $39 a month for 5GB of data seems less appealing — for $6 more a month, you could add unlimited calls and texts on Amaysim, albeit as a 3G-only choice.
  • The Unlimited plan offers unlimited Australian calls and texts for $27.90 a month, but doesn’t include any data at that price. With 1GB of data, the plan costs $35.90 a month; 3GB costs $43.90 5GB is $58.90. Again, the Amaysim plan is cheaper ($44.90 with 5GB of data and unlimited Australian calls and texts), but 3G only. If you want 4G, there’s a large premium here.
  • The pay as you go option charges 15 cents a minute for calls (no flagfall), 12 cents per text, and 5 cents per minute for data. Amaysim is slightly cheaper here, since calls are 12 cents a minute on its pay-as-you-go plan.
  • You can build your own plan if (for example) you want texts and data but no calls. That’s potentially very useful if you have an idiosyncratic usage pattern — but the pre-built options are generally cheaper. Ask the site for a plan with 1000 minutes of voice, 1000 SMS and 10GB of data and you’ll be charged $109 a month. At that point, Optus’ own plans are better value for calls and texts.

If 4G is essential to you, these plans are certainly cheaper than what Optus itself offers. That said, for a typical user, Amaysim’s 3G-based plans remain fairly competitive. Still, having extra MVNO competitors certainly doesn’t hurt.

Tempted by these plans? Used Yatango and have a story to share? Tell us in the comments.



  • Optus has horrible reception though.
    My partner moved from Aldi to Amaysim because of the unlimited calls & more data, but now regrets it because of the crappy reception.

    • Overall, the Optus network coverage is less than Telstra – there’s no denying that.

      But in many areas, you may find that Optus coverage is comparable, or sometimes even better, than Telstra’s network. When my wife and I are travelling in rural areas she sometimes has more coverage on Optus than I do on Telstra, using the same model phone.

      She certainly hasn’t regretted the switch to Optus, and the prices are a lower. I quite like having both networks available to us – the best of both worlds.

  • Unless I am missing something, Vaya would be a better comparison than Amaysim. Vaya also uses the Optus network, offers 4G and seems to be significantly cheaper on almost all plans.

    I just swapped over to Vaya from TPG and am loving the 4G speeds. Best I have got so far is 72.5 Mbps.

  • Lives in Canberra, only gets “4G Plus” from Optus (and only in select areas). Annoying, but if Optus keep to their word we will get 4G proper in 6 months. So Amaysim it is!

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