Cloud Patches: Amazon Elastic Transcoder Adds KMS Suport, Azure HDInsight Comes To Australia

Last week in cloud computing: Elastic Transcoder goes CMS, HDInsight goes down under, and more.

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  • You can now use Amazon's Key Management Service (KMS) with Elastic Transcoder. That addition joins S3, EBS and RedShift in supporting the service.
  • AWS Data Pipeline now supports "parameterized templates", allowing you to quickly launch new job instances after setting the appropriate parameters. Read more here.
  • Australia's Azure centres are continuing to fill the (rather large) gaps evident at launch. The latest addition? Azure HDInsight, which has also rolled out in China and the Far East.
  • The Azure Automation Script Converter automatically converts PowerShell Scripts into the PowerShell Workflow format. Handy if you're trying to shift existing PowerShell scripts into the format.

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