• Five Things You Need to Know From Microsoft Build 2019

    Microsoft Build, the company’s annual developer conference is in full swing with a bunch of announcements.It’s shame that Google and Microsoft can’t get their act together and not run their events concurrently as I’m sure there are developers that work across both platforms. Build kicked off ahead of Google I/O and the opening day was…

  • VMware Pans Microsoft’s New Azure Migrate Service

    Last week, Microsoft announced a solution for customers wanting to run VMware on their Azure platform. Azure Migrate has launched as a free service that discovers all the VMware workloads on your network and migrates them to Microaoft’s cloud. But VMware says this is an unsupported solution and customers should be wary.

  • Microsoft Announces Canberra Data Centres For Government

    Microsoft is partnering with Canberra Data Centres to add two new regions to their Azure footprint. The new regions will be dedicated to Australian federal, state and local government, New Zealand government, and their partners in order to overcome concerns of government agencies using public infrastructure for managing Unclassified and Protected government data.