Cloud Patches: AppStream Covers Windows, StorSimple Arrives In Australia

Last week in cloud computing: Amazon AppStream can now stream just about any Windows application to just about any device (but not in Sydney), Azure StorSimple arrives in Australia, and more cloud news.

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  • Amazon AppStream can now stream any existing Windows application directly to a wide variety of devices without requiring changes. Supported platforms include Chromebooks, Android, iOS, Mac and Kindle Fire. You’ll still need appropriate software licences, and an awarness that not all applications will behave happily on touchscreen devices. Right now only two regions (US East and Tokyo) support the option; for Australians, this will only become really useful when Sydney gets added.
  • AWS has made the IP addresses it uses accessible via JSON — handy if you want to automate permissions for specific address ranges. Right now, Route 53, EC2 and CloudFront are singled out — everything else is just presented in a generic “AMAZON” range.
  • AWS’ Zocalo secure document storage service has increased its maximum file size to 5TB (the general limit that applies to S3) and launched new mobile apps for Android and iOS.
  • AWS CloudTrail has cut prices. Read more here.
  • StorSimple was one of the many Azure features that weren’t available when the Australian region for Azure launched earlier this month. It’s now available, though you’ll need an enterprise agreement (and can expect to pay an Australia tax premium).
  • Azure has significantly enhanced its Docker support with the ability to use a Docker client on a Windows machine for container management. Happening in the same week as Microsoft’s open sourcing of .Net, it’s clear that it’s no longer solely a Windows world in Redmond any more.
  • Azure HDInsight clusters can now be customised to run existing Hadoop projects. Read more here.

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