Cloud Patches: AWS Boosts Mobile, Azure Adds StorSimple

Cloud Patches: AWS Boosts Mobile, Azure Adds StorSimple

Last week in cloud computing: AWS launches Zocalo, Cognito, and a Melbourne edge service, while Azure incorporates StorSimple and rolls out Diagnostics As A Service.

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  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) expanded its range of mobile-centric products with two new services, Cognito and Mobile Analytics, and an updated mobile SDK. Cognito offers management services for users signing into your sites and apps, including synchronisation of data. Mobile Analytics tracks those activities, and includes APIs to link to your own customer apps
  • AWS also introduced Zocalo, a new secure document store that can be used with Amazon WorkSpaces (each WorkSpaces user gets 50GB of storage as part of their account). It also handles document revisions and allows documents to be limited to a specified region. Right now it’s only in limited preview.
  • As we reported earlier in the week, AWS has established a beach-head in Melbourne, offering Route 53 and CloudFront edge locations. How long until it’s a full-blown region?
  • The AWS Billing Console has enhanced its ability to manage Identity and Access Management (IAM). Read more here.
  • Microsoft is readying for the launch of the Azure version of its StorSimple storage arrays, which will go on sale from 1 August. Microsoft acquired StorSimple in 2012.
  • Azure’s SQL Database service has been enhanced. with improved performance and easier migration between performance tiers. Automated export is also now available across all tiers. The service is currently in preview.
  • Anyone for diagnostics as a service? It’s now available as an Azure site extension.
  • Azure is also updating its Preview Portal for administrators. Read more here.

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