LinkedIn's New Tools Make Personalised University Suggestions To Students

LinkedIn's New Tools Make Personalised College Suggestions to Students

LinkedIn just launched tools to help students find the best university for them based on personal preferences and LinkedIn's own user dataset. There are three different tools in the update, and each does a different job.

  • Your Decision Board is a Pinterest-like platform that allow students to pin potential universities to a board. This is where students map out their thought process and decision-making, with the ability to share with advisors and other students for input.
  • University Finder gives a unique perspective by allowing a student to choose a career, then see the schools most attended by LinkedIn members in that career field. Students can also update it with a dream lifestyle and LinkedIn will update the results accordingly (Like, "I want to be a software engineer for Facebook and live in Sydney"). The University Finder takes all of these considerations into account.
  • Lastly, the University Outcome Rankings provide a list of schools that are the most successful at launching students into their preferred careers, based on the selected program.

This is a pretty cool update for students who are deciding on the right university fit for them. Hit the link below to check it out.

Social + Data = Better Decisions for Students [LinkedIn via ReadWrite]


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