LinkedIn Heads Back To School With University Pages

Professional social networking site LinkedIn is launching a new tool dubbed University Pages which is designed to help high school and university students stay connected and build important contacts as they progress towards the first stage in their careers.

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As its name implies, LinkedIn University Pages is a tertiary education network and resources hub designed to help future generations find their paths. Universities and colleges are provided with their own pages which give would-be students an inside look at what they have to offer. From deciding where to attend college to building a professional network, the application attempts to cover the critical milestones of higher learning.

Here's a look at what LinkedIn's University Pages offers:

  • Join the conversation: Get regular updates about campus news and activities from the schools themselves, ask questions, and engage with both the campus community and alumni of schools.
  • Explore universities worldwide: Interested in graduate schools in France? Start by searching for schools in Paris. Then, explore the careers of graduates to see which schools will get you to your goal. Connect with students or alumni for their perspectives on the school.
  • Check out notable alumni: What kinds of leaders does this school produce? From astronauts to architects, executives to entertainers, explore the notable alumni who have done great things since graduation.
  • Expand your opportunities: Are you choosing a major or considering a mid-career shift? Explore the careers of philosophy or physics graduates. You might be surprised at the diverse professional paths they’ve taken. See where they live and work, what they do, and even the skills they’ve acquired along the way to see what’s possible for you.
  • Build your network: Transform those brilliant, creative, hard-working people you met (or will meet) on campus into a lifelong professional network. Alumni can reconnect with former classmates, and students can cement relationships with current and future classmates.

    In addition, the tool will also be opened up to high schoolers who want to get a head start on their LinkedIn profiles and future careers.

    "Beginning on September 12, we will be making LinkedIn available to high school students who can use LinkedIn to explore schools worldwide, greatly expand their understanding of the careers available, and get a head start on building a network of family and friends to help guide them at every milestone," the company explained on its official blog.

    There are currently 200 participating schools on the University Pages including the University of Melbourne and the University of Sydney. According to LinkedIn, "thousands more schools" will be added in the coming weeks. You can find out more about LinkedIn and education via the video below.


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