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Keep Your Kid’s Mask on a Lanyard

Lanyards are often used to keep our most precious objects — keys, for example, or a whistle if you’re a coach or referee — safe and easily accessible. And there is nothing our kids need more now to keep safe and easily accessible than their masks. That’s why, especially if…

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How to Help When Your Child Is the New Kid in a Virtual Classroom

This school year is going to be downright bizarre. There is a lot of new in our new normal to adjust to — especially if, in addition to everything else, you’re also the new kid in what is suddenly a virtual classroom. Being new to the class is exciting and…

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Keep Packing Your Kid’s School Lunch the Night Before

As we search for any semblance of normalcy during this most un-normal of school years, might I suggest holding on to one routine that has traditionally eased the morning rush for parents? I’m talking about making the kids’ school lunches the night before.