AWS Adds Its Own Directory Service, Charges Australians More

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is launching its own directory service, allowing administrators to either set up their own cloud-based directory of users or replicate existing on-premises directories.

Directory capability is one area where AWS has lagged behind Microsoft's rival Azure cloud platform, which has offered an implementation of Active Directory for some time. Users on AWS can choose either to build a new Samba-based directory from scratch, or can use AD Connectors to plug into existing corporate Active Directory infrastructure. Once set up, directories can be used to control access to Workspaces virtual desktops, Zocalo secure document storage, EC2 Windows instances and the AWS Portal.

Initially AWS Directory Service will be offered in five regions; fortunately for Australians, Sydney is one of them. As ever, there's a premium to be paid. A small instance (under 10,000 for external connections or 1000 for the native Samba option) costs $US58.40 a month in Sydney, while a large instance is $US175.20. In the US East region, those prices are $US36.50 and $US109.50 respectively.

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