Cloud Patches: AWS DevOps Engineer, Azure Event Hubs

Last week in cloud computing: AWS added a new DevOps certification and cut prices on some WorkSpaces bundles, while Azure launched Event Hubs and added support managing social accounts to Active Directory.

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  • AWS has extended its range of certifications with a new DevOps Engineer cert. You can't take this one unless you've already completed an AWS developer or sysadmin certification.
  • There's a new skew for the AWS WorkSpaces virtual desktop. The new entry-level 'Value' bundle offfers 2GB of memory and 10GB of user storage, and costs $34 a month in the Sydney region. Upgrading to a bundle which also includes Office jacks the price by another $15.
  • Amazon's popular Route 53 domain name service has been extended so you can use it for private DNS services as well as the public internet. AWS has also enhanced the Health Check feature on the service.
  • AWS has added the Hue interface to its Elastic Map Reduce Hadoop service. Hue can also now interact with data stored in S3.
  • Microsoft has officially launched its Event Hubs, which are designed to capture very large amounts of telemetry data (think live online ratings or traffic measurement during rush hour). They're offered in both basic and standard tiers, and will be available in the Sydney and Melbourne regions.
  • Azure Active Directory can now be used to manage Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts. Being able to use directories to control corporate accounts is handy if (for instance) a particular staff member leaves and you need to block their access.
  • Azure DocumentDB has added new features including the ability to edit and create documents within the main portal. Read more here.

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