The Architect's Dramatic, Artistic Workspace

The Architect's Dramatic, Artistic Workspace

On the desk, there's the usual computer, books, some decorative figures . . . and a bowl of cucumbers.

The workspace belongs to Brazilian architect Henrique Steyer, who explains the cucumbers and the rest of this unusual setup:

My desk is in the far end of the studio, separated from the creative team. In my spot, there is a fake velvet curtain dressing the wall behind my desk, which in turn is made of OSB (oriented strand board), and has pink lacquer feet. On the table, beside the computer, I have a cucumber arrangement on a European table centrepiece, which my mum got as a wedding gift. In Brazil, we have an expression "to peel cucumbers", which means "to solve problems". So that is why I have that setup on my desk. The chair I use is more than sixty years old, and it belonged to my grandfather's office. The chair seat is upholstered with a patchwork of rugs I bought in Istanbul, Turkey.

[...] By my table I have a painting of a swan with blue eyes, that I got in an art auction here in southern Brazil. I like the aesthetic, and I love the frame. There is focused lighting on it, and the fixture has a visible red cord. I like these unusual solutions, that may seem precarious. They have a "travelling circus" spirit that amuses me.

Surrounding yourself with things that amuse you is a good strategy for all, but especially for those in creative professions. This workspace looks like a painting itself; if you like this style, the rest of the quirky office showcased on Design Milk is worth a look too.

Where I Work: Architect Henrique Steyer [Design Milk]


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