The Most Minimal Workspace

There are lots of things that can contribute to clutter on a desk, and large workspaces don't fit into every home. Flickr user nevermindtheend put together a workspace that's about as minimal as it gets.

A tiny table, computer, keyboard, trackpad and a ball to sit on — that's all this workspace requires to take up practically no space at all. When not in use, the ball can roll right under the table. A few decorations still give the minimalist setup some personality. Pretty cool, whether you have a little or a lot of space to work with.

…and you thought the last desk was minimalist [Flickr]


    Huge fan of minimalist workstations because a workstation is a place for work. No need for statues, picture frames or a table mat for food, lol. However, I'll probably need a bit bigger space than that glass desk for my sketches and handwritten notes.

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