Computer In Leather Recliner Workspace

It's not often that you can use the word "badass" to describe a workspace, but there's hardly a more appropriate word for this computer desk that stores the computer in a hand-crafted side table and attaches the peripherals to a leather recliner. Imgur user elroc put this incredible chair-desk combo together for a better gaming experience, but you could easily get used to working in such a nice setup, too.

This creation is by no means an easy feet. If you take a look at the construction photos you'll see all the hard work that went into putting this chair-desk. Elroc provides tons of photos to show the building process and the chair from all angles. Putting your own together may not be easy if you aren't a skilled handyman, but the photos will provide plenty of inspiration.

Gaming Computer Desk [imgur]


    Definitely not an easy feet to build or to work in.

    I'd probably fall asleep in that thing. Because it's just calling for a Glenfiddich on the rocks...

    feet? Seriously?
    Does lifehacker have anyone proof reading?

      +1 Ha!

    I have an easier solution for anyone wanting to use laptop in a comfortable armchair. I use Poang armchair from Ikea with Actto Anydesk. It's a perfect match since the table height is adjustable, also the angle is adjustable, and what really suprising is that the width of the table's leg fit perfectly in between the armchair leg, that's mean you can pull the table close to you.

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