Telstra Is Already Planning For Its Annual Price Rise

Last October, Telstra put up the access charges on its non-bundled home telephone plans. Come this November, it's going to do that again.

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Telstra announced in a blog post today that line rental prices on its Voice Complete, Plus, Advanced, Budget and Part Plans will rise by $1 a month from 1 November. Some business plans will also go up. As with last year's rise, plans that are part of a bundle with other services (mobile, internet or pay TV) won't see an increase.

More pertinently, there's also no change to the Home plans which were announced earlier this year. As we noted when those launched, they offer much better value than the older plans, so if you insist on sticking with a landline, they're probably the way to go. That said, your call costs will potentially drop even if you move to a mobile-only prepaid plan, so check your options carefully.

Changes to some fixed access charges in November [Telstra Exchange]


    I think we all came to the conclusion a long time ago that monopolies are always good for the consumer. /s

    how much is telstra line rental these days, $500 a month?

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