Telstra's Wi-Fi Hotspots Adds 1500 Locations (And They're Still Free For Now)

Telstra announced its plans to offer Wi-Fi hotspots via payphones, towers and individual routers last May, and rolled out the first sites in November. Now it is expanding the trial to an additional 1500 locations.

Telstra says the trial will continue until June, which means free access until that time — after that, the service will be paid-for if you're not a Telstra customer (we're still waiting on exact pricing details). Telstra is also asking for suggestions on locations where the trial should be expanded — you can vote by submitting locations from a drop-down list on its Exchange blog, linked below, though the list of places is far from exhaustive.

Choose my free wifi hotspot? Yes, please! [Telstra Exchange]


    I've seen these around but never used one. Just about everyone has mobile data anyways.

    That's a really old photo of Perth - for one thing, there are no hipsters nor moustaches visible anywhere.

    I noticed there's two just down from my house now. I've used them before. They're good if you don't have any other option, but I wouldn't pay for access. It's too slow.

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