Leave Soft Drink Bottles Out In The Cold To Make Your Own Slurpees

Live in one of those parts of Australia where the temperature regularly drops below zero? (Hi Canberra!) Make the most of it by turning soft drink into a slurpee without the use of a freezer.

All you need to do, as the video above demonstrates, is leave a bottle of soft drink out in the cold for a few hours — to the point where it's really cold but not yet frozen. Slowly twist the cap off, and the soda will slushify itself. (Yes, that's a new word.)

Minnesota Cold (Part 11) How to Make an Instant Slurpee [YouTube via NPR]


    I left a bottle of lemonade outside, checked back in a few hours......nothing. Left it for a few hours more and checked it again, bloody bottle was stolen.
    BTW, I do live in Mount Isa :(

      Given your location you ought to check and see if you're missing any of your garden hose as well.

    For the rest of the country you can just shake up a sealed bottle of soft drink, and put it in the freezer for about 3hrs 15mins. After that, the slow release of the pressure has the same effect.

    Forgive me if I've got a detail or two wrong on the instructions but it's been ages since I saw the trick explained. It's damn close to what I've written though.

    I live in Armidale, which is perfect, but something about a sub-zero morning doesn't scream "Slurpee Time" to me!

    I'd have to agree with singlemalt72. As a Canberran, I often have breakfast while admiring the weird ice sculptures my water feature created overnight. Not once have I thought about replacing my morning coffee with a slushie.

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