How To Eliminate Soft Drink From Your Life Forever [Infographic]

Sugar-laden soft drinks are one of the biggest causes of obesity in the western world. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australians drink a whopping 100 litres of soft drink per head each year and we’re getting fatter as a result. If you’ve grown a (ginger) beer belly in recent years, it’s probably time to cut soft drinks from your diet for good. This infographic provides 12 proven weaning tactics to help you quit.

Soft drink addiction is an affliction I’m all too familiar with. The high volumes of caffeine and sugar in these beverages can lead to a genuine chemical dependency. Thankfully, curbing the habit isn’t as difficult as most other drugs; especially if you ease yourself into it instead of going cold turkey. (Take it from me, the latter is best avoided.)

The infographic below was created by CashnetUSA especially for Lifehacker Australia. It contains a flowchart to help you determine how addicted you are, followed by 12 tactics to help you remove these evil beverages from your life. I really should follow some of the advice contained below. Just after I finish this icy cold bottle of V…

[Via CashnetUSA]

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