How To Eliminate Soft Drink From Your Life Forever [Infographic]

How To Eliminate Soft Drink From Your Life Forever [Infographic]

Sugar-laden soft drinks are one of the biggest causes of obesity in the western world. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australians drink a whopping 100 litres of soft drink per head each year and we’re getting fatter as a result. If you’ve grown a (ginger) beer belly in recent years, it’s probably time to cut soft drinks from your diet for good. This infographic provides 12 proven weaning tactics to help you quit.

Soft drink addiction is an affliction I’m all too familiar with. The high volumes of caffeine and sugar in these beverages can lead to a genuine chemical dependency. Thankfully, curbing the habit isn’t as difficult as most other drugs; especially if you ease yourself into it instead of going cold turkey. (Take it from me, the latter is best avoided.)

The infographic below was created by CashnetUSA especially for Lifehacker Australia. It contains a flowchart to help you determine how addicted you are, followed by 12 tactics to help you remove these evil beverages from your life. I really should follow some of the advice contained below. Just after I finish this icy cold bottle of V…

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  • The best way I found to quit soft drink is to raise your pretentious level:

    Step 1. Stop drinking soft drink

    Step 2. Tell everyone how you stopped drinking soft drink

    Step 3. Look down on anyone with shame every time they hold a soft drink

    This simple 3 step plan works like a charm and it can be used for nearly anything. Want to stop eating meat? Make sure every meat eater knows how evil they are. Taking up cycling? Make sure you look at every driver you pass like they are the scum of the earth.

  • But on a serious note.. yeah. Sugary soft drinks are bad. Best to stop drinking them, or at least drink the sugar free versions.

  • A good first step I did when I lived in Germany (where carbonated water was like 20c for 2L) is to buy carbonated water and apple juice. Mix the two, and slowly over time reduce the concentration of juice in your mixes.

    After a while, I just got used to drinking plain carbonated water or mixed in juice at a ratio of like 1:10 (juice: water) …

    • Have you seen how much sugar is in fruit juice? Once They have eliminated soft drink, fruit juice will be next… Or cordial.

      For me, I didnt have much choice. I was diagnosed diabetic, and implemented the basic rule that 10g of sugar per serve was too much, which basically meant soft drinks were eliminated. Doesnt mean I dont have the occasional one (or a Max/Zero diet equiv), but in general I drink water or coffee instead.

      • Have you seen how much sugar is in fruit juice?

        Spoiler alert: JUST AS MUCH as is in soft drink.

        Also, do you know “100% fruit juice, NO ADDED SUGAR” doesn’t restrict them from adding pear juice, which is added for one reason and one reason only: It’s full of sugar.

        It’s akin to adding vodka to light beer and labeling it “no added alcohol”.

        Keep that in mind next time you think about giving your kids a juice box – you may as well be giving them sprite.

        • Yeah, surprised me when I saw how much there was. People assume fruit juice is good for you, without realising its still full of fructose (which is a sugar), and concentrated to increase that sugar content as much as possible.

          Starting to sound as whiny as a vegan on this 🙂

          • over time reduce the concentration of juice in your mixes.

            It’s about giving people a drink with taste and is adjustable….

          • Wasnt being negative with you, more pointing out that the do-gooders will probably chase down fruit juice once their crusade on soft drinks is done.

            Most people are aware that soft drinks are effectively liquid sugar, but most dont realise that fruit juice isnt that far behind. Props to you for watering it down, and treating it like a cordial (great idea IMO), but most dont drink it that way.

  • The thing that is working for me so far;
    Buying a Sodastream carbonator, and their range of “zero” flavours. Sweetened with stevia extract, they’re 0 calories. So getting the sweet, fizzy hit without the calories.

  • I think we worry about this stuff too much. Why not just be sensible about sugary or fatty foods? Sugar/fat is OK. Too much sugar/fat is not.

    Of course, be aware of the amount of sugar and fat added to foods but it’s not necessary to obsess about it.

  • There are five basic food groups: sugar, salt, carbs, fat, and alcohol.
    Swap that coke for a gin & tonic – and use public transport to get home

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