Make Extra Cash At A Garage Sale By Selling Drinks

Make Extra Cash at a Garage Sale by Selling Drinks

Planning a garage sale? You can pad your profits by selling refreshing beverages while unloading your junk.

Photo by Ginny.

A cold drink is a mighty fine thing on a hot day so use that demand to your advantage. While you're holding a killer garage sale, the Yard Sale Queen suggests you sell cans of ice-cold soft drink — you can stock up cheaply and sell them for $1 each. It might lure some people in that are walking by or keep your customers around for longer.

Having a Successful Yard Sale [Yard Sale Queen]

Comments selling refreshing beverages while unload your junk.

    Maybe they'll be selling a proofreading book at this garage sale too?

    and then the cops shut the whole thing down for selling food/drinks without the propper permits?

      Yeah, because that's a real risk. Oh, wait... no it isn't


      That's only because the nutritional information isn't on the single items. To overcome this I would photocopy the main box and staple this on to each product.

        Good approach. I'd also consider taping two cans together and selling them at a 2-for-1 discount.

        It would be great to see someone pick up a can with nutritional information stapled to it.

    If you have an ABN and your home is the registered address for your business, this is all perfectly legal. Permits to sell food and drink (Food Safety/local council/OHS) only really apply if you're selling items made on the premises or served open. On-selling pre-packaged drinks makes this a shop, not a bar.

    Technically, you'd be eligible to claim the GST back from ATO. But then, you'd have to declare the income.

    Practically, this kind of small trading is unlikely to attract any interest from the feds. The hassle and cost to enforce wouldn't be worth their time.

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