Dodge World Cup Spoilers On The Web With 'Spoiler Spoiler'

The soccer World Cup starts next week and like most major sporting events that are televised during inconvenient times, odds are you won't be watching every match live. For the next month, you'll find yourself in the unenviable position of avoiding spoilers, which is easy enough... if you swear off the entire internet for 4-5 weeks. Instead, you can significantly reduce the chances of seeing a result you shouldn't with Fetch TV's "Spoiler Spoiler" browser extension.

The extension, which is (sadly) only available for Chrome, will scan pages you visit looking for keywords including the names of countries, soccer-related terms and team names, among other data.

If the extension detects a few potential spoilers, you'll see something similar to the image on the left. However, if you happen to hit a page burgeoning with World Cup-related content, you can expect the massive warning on the right:

There's a page on Fetch TV's site — complete with Ed Kavalee-narrated video — to explain how it works, but I'm pretty sure you'll figure it out on your own.

How to avoid World Cup Spoilers [Fetch TV, via TV Tonight]


    Alternatively you could simply stop acting like a child and just deal with it.

    Is there an extension like this for Game of Thrones spoilers? :)

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