Are You Bad At Taking A Dump?

Going to the toilet is something you (hopefully) learn at a very young age, and it certainly doesn't feel like the most complex of skills. But are those of us using a standard toilet in fact doing it all wrong?

Image: Laura Ritchie

That's the theory behind using yoga positions such as the garland pose — essentially squatting — rather than sitting on a toilet seat. Men's Health tested out a specific device meant to accommodate easier squatting on a conventional toilet, the Squatty Potty, with the promise that it could remove extra fecal material compared to regular toilet use by making it more comfortable to squat rather than sit.

When Men's Health didn't notice particular benefits (or drawbacks) to using the Squatty Potty, consulting with an expert in the field suggested that there's simply not enough data to form a conclusion one way or another. If your movements are regular and healthy, then squatting won't improve anything, but equally it's unlikely to make anything worse.

So you can breathe easy. We're apparently all OK at pooping.

Are You Pooping All Wrong? [Men's Health]


    I entered an online competition where the 1st prize was a new toilet and the last prize was a new toilet.
    I thought to myself.. " I'm in a win / loos situation here. "

      Wonderful. As an expectant Dad, I need all the Dad jokes I can get. This one is going to the pool room!

      Last edited 16/06/14 8:34 pm

        Shouldn't that be the Poo Room?

    Been doing it my way fer over fifty years, not changin' it now... :)
    The toilet masters best friend is fibre...

    Last edited 16/06/14 6:19 pm

    That might explain the odd looks I get when I leave the toilet at work, I thought everyone screamed and cried while taking a dump.....must be just me.

    Try breaking a wrist and badly spraining the other, then it definitely feels like you're doing it wrong :p


    Last edited 16/06/14 11:10 pm

    Oh no, you all need to read this:
    I've rarely laughed so consistently at an internet article.

    Apparently we've all been taking our 'John Harrington's' wrong according to South Park.

    You only need to know two things - flush every time, and put the lid down!

    Oh, dear, someone is wrong on the internet again.

    There is no evidence that John Wayne had 40 pounds of poop impacted in his intestines as no autopsy was performed.

    An Autopsy was performed on Elvis and his colon was in a pretty bad shape. No big surprise here but nothing close to 60 pounds of impacted material was found.

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