This DIY Office Desk Is Super-Sturdy, Built From IKEA Kitchen Parts

This DIY Office Desk Is Super-Sturdy, Built from IKEA Kitchen Parts

If you'd like a new desk, but the traditional choices of pressboard and plywood don't thrill you, this creation ditches all of it for higher quality components originally designed to take a beating in a kitchen. Best of all, it's still all IKEA, so it's affordable as well as durable.

The desk is made from three big pieces — the FAKTUM cabinet with shelves, another FAKTUM cabinet with drawers, and a LAGAN solid wood worktop. The builder of the desk eventually replaced the LAGAN with a piece of veneered MDF from a building supply store just to get something a little shinier, but started with the LAGAN and used it for a while. The whole thing was easy enough to put together, and the end result is a nice, wide desk with storage on both sides and a solid wooden top that can take a few scratches and dents, and is strong enough to hold your gear.

Each of the components is somewhat customisable, so you can have the whole thing modified for you before you buy each part and put the whole thing together. For more details on the process, hit the link below.

DIY Office Desk [House of Hawkes via Ikea Hackers]


    Did this years ago. Everyone's always surprised to hear it's built of cabinet parts, because it just looks like a really cool contemporary desk. Beware the height, though. I had to get an adjustable height drafting chair for the work surface to be at the proper height.

    Chris already posted this on May 1st. Old news.

    Super-Sturdy, Built From IKEA
    I dont know what Ikea your buying from, but you have to share! im lucky to get screws long enough to hold 2x pieces together!

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