Hack An IKEA Sideboard Into A Kitchen Island

Want a kitchen island but don't have a lot to spend? Combining an IKEA benchtop and sideboard could give you a slightly cheaper alternative.

Brian at IKEA Hackers outlines the idea, which uses the Norden sideboard and Varde countertop. These will cost you $249 and $200 respectively. (In the US, the prices are $US149 and $US80, underscoring how IKEA costs a lot more in Australia.)

Assemble the Norden sideboard as per the instructions but skip the step instructing you to install the top. Instead, cut the Varde countertop to 1200mm or so, depending on how much overhang you want. The marginally cheaper $180 Lagan benchtop is also an option here. To attach the countertop you can either use a few L brackets underneath the island top, or replicate the mounting holes from the sideboard by drilling matching holes in the countertop.

What's a kitchen without an island [IKEA Hackers]


    A wonderful idea, it looks great!
    Won't it tip over easily though?

    ps. the AU prices are CRIMINAL!!!

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