Build An Office Desk Out Of Kitchen Components

Are you looking for a home office desk with plenty of storage space and a clean, attractive design? The next time you go shopping, steer clear of the tableware section and head to the kitchen aisle instead. IKEA Hackers shows how it's done...

To make the above DIY office desk, you'll need a Faktum base cabinet with shelves, a Faktum base cabinet with drawers and a LAGAN worktop; all of which are sold at IKEA. (You cam also use a piece of veneered MDF from a building supply store in place of the LAGAN.)

"I've been using this solution for my home office for years now," explains the creator. "It's always worked really well for me as it offers oodles of storage space. Folks are surprised when I tell them that my desk is actually just a few components of an Ikea kitchen."

To make the desk, simply space the Faktum units apart, plonk the LAGAN/MDF on top and secure it as you see fit. You can also supplement the cabinet legs with small RILL castors to reduce the height of the desk and make it more mobile.

"The worktop is slightly higher than a standard office desk and therefore works best with a chair that offers adjustable seat height," the creator adds.

"When planning the size of your desk, bear in mind that the two cabinets of 400mm each will take up 800mm and you will require a space of at least 500mm (or a space slightly larger than the width of your chair) between them."

If you'd prefer not to shop at IKEA, the same principle can be applied to virtually an kitchen components that share the same width and height.

[Via IKEA Hackers]


    This desk will cost $530 before the castors and handles... surely there are cheaper options that are more palatable? Used desk from salvos will cost about $80...

    Its actually $240 with the 40cm draws and 30cm cupboard including top and casters. You need to change the settings

    I was matching the one in the picture to compare like with like :o) The top alone costs $180...

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