Save Photos Of Your Favourite Haircut For Your Next Haircut Appointment

Save Photos of Your Favourite Haircut for Your Next Haircut Appointment

Ladies and gents, if there's a certain cut, colour or style for your hair that you love after leaving the salon, take many photos of it. Many, many photos.

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Inevitably, you'll have a different stylist later who'll ask you how you want your hair to look. With these saved haircut photos, you're all set. (Too many people walk into salons with torn magazine pages of hairstyles they want but might not look good on them. Actual photos of the way you want to look could save you a lot of grief.)

This is one of many tips Michael Hyatt has for using Evernote. Save your best haircut photos in your favourite notes app to get the perfect cut every time.

12 Surprising Ways to Use Evernote You Might Not Have Considered [Micheal Hyatt]


    Fortunately, it's pretty hard for even the most novice hair-cutter to screw up: "Number 2, all over."

    For this (and just... god. SO so many other reasons), being a woman sounds ridiculously difficult.

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