Ask LH: How Can I Persuade My Doctor To Recommend Yoga?

Dear Lifehacker, I’ve recently changed my health insurance policy and am now able to claim on yoga classes but they need to be “medically recommended”. I need my doctor to fill in some sort of form; do I just take it and be upfront about this or should I “fake” an ailment that would be helped by yoga? Is there any reason why a doctor would not fill in some sort of form to medically recommend yoga for me? Thanks, Downward Dog

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Dear DD,

Your doctor is a busy person so why waste their time by concocting fake ailments and undergoing pointless physical assessments? This is pretty juvenile, and probably wont fool someone with medical training anyway.

Even if you do trick them into believing there’s something wrong with you, there’s no guarantee they’ll actually recommend yoga. They may even advise against it. Plus, you’ll need to show them the insurance form eventually, at which point the cat will be out of the bag.

Also, there could be an underlying medical issue that makes yoga risky for you — if so, your doctor really needs to know about it. Creating non-existent ailments could lead to a misdiagnosis and a Crane Pose-induced injury.

The best approach is to be direct and ask. As our colleagues at Business Insider recently demonstrated, it’s notoriously easy to get certificates from general practitioners — even if you admit you’re not sick.

Give the form to your doctor and explain in detail why you think yoga would benefit you medically. If they refuse to help, it might be time to find yourself a new doctor.

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