Top 5 Ways To Maximise Your Productivity At University

Top 5 Ways To Maximise Your Productivity At University

The university year has kicked off, and it’s time to get knee-deep in study again. Throughout this week our Back To Uni guide will be sharing tips, technologies and tricks to make university easier. First up: five time-tested ways to make sure you get the most of university.

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To be clear: we are not offering earth-shattering revelations here. While technology makes some aspects of studying easier than with previous generations, the basic rules haven’t changed. Making the most of university takes effort — and given that you’ll be running up a fairly substantial debt during your studies, it makes sense to put that effort in.

1. Set a schedule

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Keeping this under control requires planning — a schedule which you set up and maintain, whether that’s online, within an app on your smartphone, or even just on paper. While we’d argue that a cloud-based calendar is the easiest to maintain and access, it’s your commitment to the process that really counts.

Not only do you need to set a schedule, you need to maintain it. Set aside 15 minutes at the end of the week to review the upcoming week’s schedule and make sure everything is included. That can make a big difference to how well your schedule serves you.

2. Don’t make your schedule too ambitious

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Again, this is why regular schedule reviews are important — because you can’t always predict what’s going to come up, or how long some activities will take. Some subjects will prove easier than others, and you may not need the same amount of study time you originally assumed. Others will require extra effort. You can’t always know this in advance, so you need to be prepared to be flexible. Being flexible will be difficult if your every minute is already assigned.

3. Make sure you sleep properly

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4. Pay attention to diet and fitness

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If you’re a beginning cook, check out our guide to the most confusing cooking terms and our guide to healthy eating for people who hate cooking. If your budget is tight, check out our Mastercheap series for inspiration — everything you need to eat for $25 a week.

On the fitness front, you don’t need an expensive gym membership or to sign up for team sports if that’s not your thing — you can exercise at home without equipment. Merely fitting in 30 minutes walking a day will put you a long way down the road to fitness.

5. Make friends

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What tips are helping you survive university? Share them in the comments.


  • Study/do assignments in the library. It keeps you focused, you have access to pretty much every text/resource you’ll need and you can do it between classes if you have a break.

    I did my best work away from my desk at home.

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