4 Ways to Get Into Uni if Year 12 Didn’t Go to Plan

4 Ways to Get Into Uni if Year 12 Didn’t Go to Plan
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What they rarely tell you in high school which they absolutely should, is that your Year 12 exam scores aren’t the be-all-and-end-all of your studying plans.

No, in 2021, there are a tonne of options that you can use to your advantage to get into the course or uni you want – stressing should only be a supporting character at best, so if you didn’t get the scores you wanted (or even if you did), here’s what you can do to make your uni dreams happen.

Keep an open mind

A lot of us are programmed from a young age to believe that getting into a very specific uni is the only possible route. On the contrary, Australia has an abundance of top-quality universities, all catering to different needs, so your best bet is to keep an open mind and do some research.

If you consider your friendship circle and how many different personalities are in it, what makes you think all of those personalities suit the same uni? Everyone will want something slightly different, which is why no two universities are exactly the same.

Look into pathway programs

A lot of universities offer further assistance to help you get into the course you were after, even if you didn’t get the required ATAR.

For example, ACU offers a range of pathway diplomas. These are one-year courses with lower entry requirements that act as steppingstones (with credit) into a related bachelor’s degree.

Apply for a more lenient campus

Using ACU as an example again – it has seven different campuses across four different states in Australia, and the ATAR for a course can vary between the campuses. So, if you’re willing and able to go on a bit of an adventure, apply for a campus that has a lower entry rank.

As an added perk, travelling interstate is a great way to meet new people and have new experiences.

Think along the same lines

It might be an option to enrol in a similar degree and then transfer to your preferred choice later. For example, if you don’t think you’ll meet the entry requirements for ACU’s Bachelor of Education (Primary), the Bachelor of Educational Studies is an excellent alternative. Some students have even jumped disciplines – for example enrolling in an arts degree, and then transferring to laws once they got their grades up.

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