Lifehacker’s Ultimate Guide To Sleeping Better

Lifehacker’s Ultimate Guide To Sleeping Better

We’ve published dozens of handy guides to solving sleep problems at Lifehacker over the years. To conclude Sleep Week, we’ve rounded up all our recent key sleep information in one easy-to-reference post.

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Major Guides

Top 10 Tricks For Getting Better Sleep

10 Myths About Sleep Busted

Ask LH: How Can I Sleep Through The Night?

‘Force Quit’ Yourself To Get Your Sleep Schedule Back On Track

You’re The Guinea Pig: Experimenting With Your Sleep And Dreams

Individual Tips

Why Playing Games Until 4AM Will Ruin Your Sleep And Your Health

How To Fake A Great Night’s Sleep

Eating Earlier In The Day Could Help You Sleep Better And Make You Healthier

Awake In The Middle Of The Night? Make Lists

Take A Warm Shower To Get To Sleep Faster

Do Mid-Afternoon Power Naps Actually Work?

Can Sleep Apps Be Trusted?

Think You Need Eight Hours Sleep? You’re Wrong

Do Some Maths If You Have Trouble Falling Asleep

Scottish Lunacy And Sleeping Challenges

Sleeping Like Superman: Can I Survive For A Month Sleeping Two Hours A Day?

Sleeping Like Superman: I Sold My Soul For Alf Pogs

Sleeping Like Superman: Mark’s Video Diary

Mark’s attempts to adopt the Uberman schedule of polyphasic sleep have already pushed him to the brink. Here’s a video diary he filmed this morning at 3am. Surprisingly, he was in a better frame of mind than the night before, or when he write this morning’s post. Can anyone say mood swings?

Sleeping Like Superman: Perchance To Dream

Sleeping Like Superman: Retry/Quit

The above video was made at roughly 4am. At that precise moment, I had never been more tired in my life. It’s not in shot, but to my right is a television. I can’t be 100 per cent sure, but it was most likely showing the Max Payne 3 kill screen. On it a single question: Retry/Quit?[clear]

Sleeping Like Superman: Closing The Distance

Sleep deprivation — it’s like a barrier that shields you from the world. It’s like trying to walk underwater, or pounding on the windows of a glass case. When you’ve had no sleep you evacuate your body, and keep the world at a distance.

Sleeping Like Superman: Alarming Developments

“This isn’t for you. You’re not good at this,” says my wife, shouting from the other side of the apartment. She’s curled up in bed, reading a book, lazily. I’m hunched over the computer desk, jaw clenched, inches from a monitor screen. I can feel the pulsing of the brain inside my skull. “You’re not Superman,” she says. “You’re a sleepy man.”

What I Learned Through Completely Failing To Master Polyphasic Sleep


  • Just reading a book called Caffeine Blues and it quotes a study that found “caffeine has been found to shorten total sleep time, increase the duration of Stage 2, shorten Stage 3, and often eliminate Stage 4 (deep sleep)”. Also “research shows that people who consume 250mg of caffeine per day tend to have poor sleep quality”. The book details many other negative effects – I bought the book due to stomach problems cause by coffee-so I’m going to try the recommended weaning off and then 60 days without coffee to see if it does improve my sleep.

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