• 4 Ways to Get Into Uni if Year 12 Didn’t Go to Plan

    4 Ways to Get Into Uni if Year 12 Didn’t Go to Plan

    What they rarely tell you in high school which they absolutely should, is that your Year 12 exam scores aren’t the be-all-and-end-all of your studying plans. No, in 2021, there are a tonne of options that you can use to your advantage to get into the course or uni you want – stressing should only…

  • Memorise These Cool And Useless Facts On Tinycards

    I learned the NATO phonetic alphabet. Now I’m learning how to point to every country on a map. I’ll never need this information, but it feels cool to know. I’m learning on the free flashcard app Tinycards, which feels remarkably like playing a mobile game, but one you can feel good about. Here’s the best…

  • Make A ‘Homework Mat’ For Your Kid

    One thing I don’t like about homework for young kids is the fact that after they’ve just spent a whole day sitting at a desk at school, we direct them to another desk at home. It’s inhibiting. Their bodies are wiggly and restless and begging to move.

  • Lifehacker’s Most Popular Study Tips

    Lifehacker’s Most Popular Study Tips

    Hi! You didn’t come here to avoid studying, did you? Well, at least you’ll learn how to study better when you’re done with this little break. These are Lifehacker’s most popular study tips from the last five years.