Facebook Now Includes Auto-Play Video Ads For Everyone

Facebook Now Includes Auto-Play Video Ads For Everyone
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Back in December, Facebook started testing auto-playing video ads, where video advertisements start playing in your feed without you having to click or tap play. Today, it introducing those ads to users across Facebook.

Photo by Thos003

Facebook has offered video ads for some time now. It’s really the auto-play feature that’s new. According to Facebook, video ads download only when you’re connected to Wi-Fi, though they may play no matter what your connection status. The ads will start playing with no sound until you click or tap on them, at which point they will unmute and you can expand them.

At this point, it’s unclear if there’s a way to opt out of auto-playing video ads, though if you’re on a desktop browser, you may be able to get rid of them with a tool like AdBlock.

Premium Video Ads on Facebook [Facebook for Business]


  • …and that’s the end of Facebook’s tenure on my phone.

    I don’t need to be sitting at my desk at work—where my phone should not be on at all, let alone using it to browse Facebook—and accidentally clicking on video ads and having them play sound.

    If only there was an AdBlock app for mobile devices.

  • Ill take Browser basics for $200 Alex.
    ding ding ding its the daily double, and the question is
    This free extension blocks all ads in your browser, is free, and simple to use

    What is adblock plus Alex

    Correct we have a winner

  • If you have a jailbroken iPhone, install Flex I think it costs a few bucks from Cydia).

    There is a script in that which block Facebook ads. Works a treat.

  • I left Facebook ages ago and went onto Google Plus. I feel like I see less fewer frustrating or useless posts.
    Best thing – no ads! They just take things that I like and put my name against it – so when my friends search for something they might see that I ‘+1’ that item. I guess that’s how they make their money.

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