Make A Standing Desk From An IKEA Lack Table

Make A Standing Desk From An IKEA Lack Table

Cheap IKEA furniture converted to a standing desk: it’s a match made in heaven. The latest addition to our collection of IKEA standing desks uses that perennial favourite, the Lack table.

Combining the larger Lack with the Ekby Jarpen shelf and Bjarnum brackets the raw materials will set you back $70 in Australia. The project isn’t too complex, providing you’re happy with a circular saw. Hit the post for full assembly instructions.

IKEA LACK Coffee Table Standing Desk Hack – Tutorial! [Southern Disposition via IKEA Hackers]


  • all this standing desk hoo-haa, why is there so little information on laying desks, or beanbag desks?

  • You should probably mention that this goes on top of another table, so it’s $70 + cost of computer table. Of course, you could plonk this on top of your current computer desk.

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