The Best IKEA Standing Desk Hacks

We’re big fans of standing desks here at Lifehacker; both for their proven health benefits and boosts to productivity. Unfortunately, they can also be prohibitively expensive. If you’re on a tight budget, here are a handful of IKEA desk hacks that will achieve the same result for a fraction of the price.

IKEA currently sells a pre-assembled standing desk for a reasonable $69. But where’s the fun in that? For ultimate satisfaction, partake in one of these DIY projects instead.

Lack Table + Ekby Jarpen + Bjanum combo

This simple standing desk solution combines an IKEA Lack table with the Ekby Jarpen shelf and Bjarnum brackets. The raw materials will set you back $70 in Australia. The project isn’t too complex, providing you’re happy with a circular saw. Click here for assembly instructions.

Double-Decker Standing Desk

To make the double-decker desk, you’ll need a pair of Vika Amon table tops (24×40 inches), four Vika Curry legs and four Ekby Stodis brackets. The total cost is around $70. Click here for assembly instructions.

Trestle Standing Desk

The Finnvard adjustable standing desk requires two Finnvard trestles, plus an IKEA Linnmon tabletop in the colour of your choice, a power drill, a 15mm and 6mm drill bit and four pieces of 1×3 red oak cut into 22-inch pieces. Assuming you own or can borrow a power drill, the whole project should cost well under $300. Click here for assembly instructions.

Utby Bar Table

The IKEA Utby table is 120cm high, which makes it a good option for people who aren’t super-tall. Combine it with a top for $179. More information here.

CD Standing Desk

Here’s another take on the IKEA standing desk concept, with an added recycling bonus: using CDs to get the perfect height. The original version required an Expedit bookshelf and Vika desktop. The former has since been discontinued, but you can achieve similar results with a Kallax shelf. The unit can be put together for under $100. Click here for assembly instructions.

Lerberg Shelf Unit

To make this economical standing desk, you’ll need an IKEA Lerberg shelf unit, Gorm clip on basket and Kassett box with lid which will set you back $29.99, $4.99 and $4.99, respectively. That’s a total expenditure of just $40. Click here for assembly instructions.

Lack Side Table

If you want to practice with a standing desk before you decide to take the leap, this simple IKEA hack is really easy to build, and will barely cost you anything. The top of the table is a $10 IKEA Lack side table, while the legs are custom cut from 2×2 spruce lumber that you could get at any hardware store. Click here for assembly instructions.

Filing Cabinet Standing Desk

Okay, so this one isn’t an IKEA hack, but it’s too ingenious not to share — it’s a two-drawer and three-drawer filing cabinet placed side by side. If you need a no-cost solution using unused office supplies, this could be the answer. Click here for more information.

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