Limit Liquids For Better Crock Pot Dishes

Limit Liquids For Better Crock Pot Dishes

We’re huge fans of slow cookers, but using it isn’t always easy. One tip is to limit the amount of liquids you add — since there’s little to no evaporation in a slow cooker, too much liquid can actually dry out roasts and make stews too soupy.

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This tip, from our friends at America’s Test Kitchen and The Consumerist. I’m always tempted to add a little broth or water to whatever I’m roasting, but it often resulted in waterlogged meals. More often than not, meats will render down and release their own juice, and if you add too much water, it can actually dry them out:

There’s absolutely no evaporation in a slow cooker — it’s a sealed environment, Bishop points out, so it’s important not to use too much liquid or risk a watery, washed out result without much flavour.

“Most slow cooker recipes are better with less liquid than you would use if you were making the same thing in a pot on the stove,” he explains. “So that could mean draining the canned tomatoes and discarding that juice or it might mean using less broth than you normally would for a stew or a soup.”

The post is packed with other tips too, including a reminder to bloom your onions, herbs or spices so their flavours open up and really comes through in the final dish. We recommend blooming spices no matter how you’re cooking, but it helps a lot in a slow cooker. Hit the link below to see the other slow cooker tips.

6 Tips to Maximise Your Slow Cooker Recipes [Consumerist]

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