Australian Smartphone Use: The Numbers

Australian Smartphone Use: The Numbers

Developing apps for the Australian market? Android and iOS remain your key targets, according to new Telsyte data.

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Telsyte’s Australian Smartphone Market Study suggests that there are 16 million active smartphones. Of those, 93 per cent are running either Android or Apple.

Telsyte predicts that 5.6 million smartphones will sell in Australia between now and Christmas, but the majority will be upgrades, not new users. That makes it hard to predict which platform might dominate, especially as one-third of those buyers haven’t decided on their platform and another third actively intend to switch. 70 per cent of Apple owners intend to stick with the platform, but Android isn’t far behind with 60 per cent.


  • Australian Smartphone Use: The Numbers… The numbers? Where are the numbers?
    93 per cent of smartphones are either Android or Apple. And how many are just Android or just Apple? What’s Windows Phone’s actual numbers, and how do they compare to previous years?

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