The Geekiest Sex Toy You’ll Ever Have: A Shared Google Doc

The Geekiest Sex Toy You’ll Ever Have: A Shared Google Doc

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Things getting a little stale in the bedroom? It may not be the sexiest-sounding solution in the world, but reader Aaron offers a tip for those looking to spice things up: a shared spreadsheet of new things to try.

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Aaron explains:

My girlfriend and I made a fun resolution last New Year’s: try something new in the bedroom at least once each week. Things aren’t particularly stale, but we figured it’d keep things fun.

So, we now have a shared Google Doc where we can throw new positions, toy ideas, kinks, or other things we come across. Then every Sunday (now dubbed “Sexy Sunday”) we pick something from the list to try out. Sometimes they’re “meh,” sometimes they end in hilarious disaster, and sometimes they’re so awesome we add them to our regular repertoire. No matter what, though, they’re rarely forgettable.

Of course we missed a few weeks, and it can get hard to think of some after a while, but overall it was a great idea. We’ll definitely be trying it again this year!

This sounds a lot more fun than my New Year’s Resolution to learn Spanish. What was I thinking?