• Preserve Data From Your Apps On A Spreadsheet

    I use a lot of different tools and apps to manage both my workflow and my personal life: Airtable for scheduling, Toggl for time-keeping, YNAB for budgeting, RescueTime for productivity tracking, Fitbit for health tracking, and Exist to sync and synthesise the data I get from my other apps and draw correlations between activities and…

  • Excel For Android Just Got An Amazing New Feature

    Microsoft keeps adding new features to its mobile and cloud apps at a rapid rate. Now, if you’re using Excel for Android, you’ll be able to take a photo of a table and Excel will perform its own OCR, or should I say AI, magic and make it into a live, editable spreadsheet!

  • 7 Tips To Become A Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Guru [Infographic]

    Lifehacker AU is never one to shy away from doling out handy Microsoft Excel spreadsheet tips. Chances are you’ve had to deal in spreadsheets for as long as you’ve been able to rest your hands on a keyboard. Here’s some Excel techniques that will come in handy for any one strapped to an office desk…

  • How To Create An Anonymous Collaborative Google Sheet

    How To Create An Anonymous Collaborative Google Sheet

    In a new piece on The Cut, writer Moira Donegan reveals that she created the “Shitty Media Men” list, the anonymous collaborative Google Sheets spreadsheet naming prominent men in media who have assaulted, harassed, or otherwise used been shitty to the women they work with. The list went viral overnight and helped end, or at…