Parkhound Lets You Rent Out Your Parking Space For Cash

Parkhound is an app-based service that lets you hire out your driveway, garage or other parking space to other motorists when you're not using it. It's like AirBnB for the motorist set.

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Similar in concept to crowdsourced rental sites like AirBnB and SpaceOut, Parkhound is an online marketplace that connects drivers looking for parking with participating properties in the area. To advertise an available space, users can register for free on the ParkHound website including details such as address, space type (driveway, garage, etc.) and the amount that you wish to charge.

The company manages bookings on your behalf and then transfers payments (minus its own cut, natch). Motorists use the app to select the time/area they need and then book from a list of available spaces.

"Any Australian who has a parking space, whether that be a garage, driveway, car port or allocated parking space can list their property for rent," the company explains on its blog. "The beauty of the Parkhound service is that drivers can book a parking space in advance. Motorists can go directly to their pre-booked parking space."

According to the company (pinch-of-salt alert), its customers make over $3000 per year from leasing out their space. Check the video below for an overview of how the service works:


    No doubt parkhound a best parking space provider in Australia but if you are looking parking space in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah then you can visit

    The best??? LOL I think not! I had 5 spaces listed with Parkhound and I had an issue which I was trying to resolve and instead of working on a solution, they closed my account. Disgusting company to work with and I strongly advise advertising elsewhere. I had the same success posting my parking spaces on Gumtree.

      Hi Christina, what issue you faced with Parkhound? Can you please give some info so it helps? Thanks!

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