Ask LH: Are Carport Entrances Classed As Public Driveways?

Dear Lifehacker, I live in the Ipswich area of Queensland and am wondering if a driveway for a multi block of units is classed as a public driveway? The units each have a carport but there is only one driveway which is obviously shared by all residents. I am asking because a policeman has tried to tell me that as the units have a carport the driveway then becomes a public one. Is this right? Thanks, Margaret

Dear Margaret,

The driveway to a block of units is simply an egress/ingress point for motorists. Whether public or private, nobody should be using the driveway as a parking space. As we have explained in the past, it is illegal to block a driveway in a way that prevents or hampers access to the connecting property. This rule applies even when you are the property owner.

In Queensland, motorists are prohibited from parking in driveways except in the following circumstances:

  • you drive a bus and are dropping off or picking up passengers
  • you are dropping off or picking up passengers within 2 minutes of stopping
  • you do not leave the vehicle unattended

In other words, if non-residents (or annoying neighbours) are using the driveway to park their car, you are entitled to notify your local council. A few fines from parking inspectors and/or towed cars should see the problem clear up in no time.


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