SpaceOut Lets You Find Or Rent Spare Space

SpaceOut Lets You Find Or Rent Spare Space

Want to put some goods in storage but can’t face the price of self-service storage outlets? SpaceOut lets you search for people in your area with spare storage or parking space to rent.

Enter your location into SpaceOut and you’ll get back a listing of space options within a specied radius. There are separate categories for storage, parking and office space, and a reasonable number of options on offer when we checked it out.

Admittedly, one advantage of using a professional storage outlet is that you know it’s secure and professional — with private space, you’re frequently relying on the goodwill of strangers. The site provides model rental agreements to help minimise disputes. SpaceOut is free to list or search on, requires registration.



  • No, no, no, no. I wouldn’t trust my gear with a stranger and I wouldn’t store strangers stuff

    “Honestly your honour, I had no idea the bodies were there, I let some guy off the internet rent the space”

    If you need to store stuff then do it properly or get rid of some existing things to make space. If you need office space, go to a real estate office. This site may work for parking though given they are like gold at the moment in most CBD’s.

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