Myer Online Is Selling Heavily Discounted Circulon Frying Pans And Skillets

Many people pledge to change their diet as a New Year's resolution and that usually involves doing more cooking at home. One way to encourage yourself to stick to such a resolution is to pick up a few new pieces of kitchen hardware — something Myer's online store can help you with, if you're in the market for an affordable, quality frying pan.

Mal68 over at OzBargain spotted two deals for Circulon-branded kitchen gear on Myer Online — a 'Style' frying pan and an anodised French skillet. Both are currently $49.97, discounted from $199.95, which represents a massive saving off the regular sale prices.

The pans are available in 20cm, 24cm and 30cm sizes, unfortunately, at the time of writing, the 30cm versions were sold out.

Circulon 'Style' Frypan and Circulon Hard Anodised Commercial French Skillet [Myer Online, via OzBargain]


    Every time I see the world Circulon my brain reads it as Calculon.

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