Your Life Will Be So Much Tastier With This Cast Iron Skillet for 36% Off

Your Life Will Be So Much Tastier With This Cast Iron Skillet for 36% Off
Image: Lodge
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While some consider Le Creuset to be the gold standard when it comes to cast iron cookware, its premium quality pieces come with a premium price tag attached. If you’re after a cast iron cookware that’s affordable without sacrificing quality, Lodge’s pans will help you cook plenty of delicious meals for years to come. And if you want a second opinion, even Michelin recommends its pans.

Some of these Lodge pans are even more affordable at the moment, with a 12-inch cast iron skillet currently on sale for $89, down from $139.95. This frying pan includes an additional assist handle to help you lift and move this pan around, along with two pouring lips. It also comes pre-seasoned, so you can start cooking with it straight away.

Being able to nab a decent cast iron frying pan for under $100 is nothing to sneeze at either. If you’ve left your Christmas shopping to the last minute and need to get something for the wannabe master chef in your life, this cast iron skillet is a solid option – literally.

lodge cast iron skillet
Image: Lodge

If you’re not sure what you want to cook first with your fancy new cast iron skillet, here are a few recommendations that we’ve prepared earlier.

If this is your first time buying a cast iron pan, it’s important to know that caring for one isn’t like how you care for a normal cooking pan. You should avoid leaving the pan to soak in soapy water. And if you do use soap, you’ll need to thoroughly rinse and dry your pan before immediately re-seasoning it. You can check out Lifehacker Australia’s guide to properly caring for your cast iron pan here.

It’s also worth investing in a care kit to help make sure you’ll get a long life out of your pan. This Lodge care kit includes a slip-on silicone handle cover that will help reduce the chance of burning yourself on the skillet once it’s heated up, along with a polycarbonate pan scraper and stiff nylon brush that’ll help you keep the whole thing clean. The kit also includes a seasoning spray made from 100% canola oil.

You can pick up the 12-inch Lodge cast iron skillet for $89 here. Depending on your available kitchen counter and/or stovetop space, this 12-inch might be too big for you. If you’re after something a bit smaller, Lodge’s 10.25-inch frying pan is currently selling for $57.80, down from $104.95.

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