Jerry Seinfeld Doesn’t Want Credit For The Seinfeld Productivity Secret

We often talk about the Seinfeld productivity secret: the notion that marking off a task or chore on a calendar creates a habit since you’re reluctant to break the chain. But Jerry Seinfeld himself? He finds it amusing that the idea is attributed to him. Plus: Seinfeld’s quick thoughts on motivation and meditation.

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Seinfeld took part in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Reddit today. Most of the discussion (as you’d expect) was about his comedy and TV career, but he did also offer a handful of thoughts about productivity. Specifically:

He doesn’t want credit for the ‘Seinfeld productivity secret’. As he explained when this was bought up:

This is hilarious to me, that somehow I am getting credit for making an X on a calendar with the Seinfeld productivity program. It’s the dumbest non-idea that was not mine, but somehow I’m getting credit for it.

Motivation comes from enjoyment. Asked how he avoided burnout, Seinfeld said the secret was to stop as soon as something wasn’t enjoyable:

I do feel very strongly in stopping the second I feel like I’m not excited anymore, whatever I’m doing.

Yeah, we know — that’s a much easier policy to pursue when your TV series has made you millions.

Meditation helps. Seinfeld is a big fan of meditation. The reason?

Meditation helps because it’s the ultimate way to rest when you’re working. It’s just as simple as that.

Also: Asked to name a favourite country, Seinfeld picked Australia as one of his top three (alongside Italy and Norway). Thanks Jerry!

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