Draw Actual Chains To Improve The Seinfeld Productivity Secret

Jerry Seinfeld might disclaim any responsibility for the productivity “secret” that bears his name, but the approach — marking a calendar every time you achieve a task and aiming not to break the sequence — has proved popular. Lifehacker reader Ched has a suggestion to make it even more effective.

Here’s how Ched beefed up the approach:

I was not happy with the way you track habits (crossing off days in a calendar or filling in a square on a sheet) so I decided to add an additional visual element which motivated me even more to stick to my activities.
It comes down to chains. It sounds heavy, but it’s not. For every day you live, you get a dot. And you connect two dots if you’ve done the activity on both days. The goal of the game is not to break the chain, thus acquiring a habit.
I introduced a morning routine (make my bed (army style), drink a glass of cold water and do some back exercises). I introduced an evening task where I need to get out of the house after I come back, exhausted, from work. Any outing counts: going out for dinner with a loved one or just going for a walk. And the task I am most proud of is breaking my addiction to sweets. I’ve been trying different motivational techniques for a long time. This method is the only one that worked for me.

Here’s an example of how it looks in action:

Thanks Ched!

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