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Mindfulness Meditation Isn’t For Everyone

Meditation has known benefits, both research-backed and anecdotal. But few things in this life work for everybody, and there’s reason to believe that meditation may make some people’s mental health worse. If that’s you, I hereby give you permission to quit. Guilt-free.

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How to Meditate With Headspace on Snapchat

Spending lots of hours scrolling on social media and clicking through photos, videos and stories is arguably the opposite of mindfulness, but now you can multitask, at least on Snapchat. The new Headspace Mini comes with six short meditations you can do alone or with friends without ever leaving the…

How To Meditate In Bed

How To Meditate In Bed

When you just want to turn your brain off and sleep, meditation apps are perfect. A guiding voice, or the sounds of something peaceful such as rain, helps to fill the silence so your thoughts can’t creep in. The best ones strategically bore you into drowsiness. (You can look for…