Keep Dice From Rolling All Over The Place With A Toy Container

Keep Dice from Rolling All Over the Place with a Toy Container

Here's a quick and simple tip for game night: Keep dice in place with a container you get from those toy vending machines.

This creative solution to the problem of dice thrown beyond reach comes from kindergarten teacher Erin Eberhart, but it's fit for board game players of all ages.

If You Liked It, Then You Shoulda Put a Pin on It [Eberhart's Explorer]


    Find a bigger container and place your kids inside.

    Know it is somewhat obvious but worth mentioning, for yahtzee or the like a clear snaplock container (ie sistema and the like) up to sandwich size with all the dice in it would do the same job much more easily than one little container for each, and give plenty of room for them to shake round to keep it random (rather like boggle)

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